Who we are

We are Select Metals, one of Asia Pacific's largest international trading companies of non-ferrous and ferrous recycled metals.

Founded in 2012 as a trading company, we have grown to become a vertically integrated recycler, processor and marketer of high quality recycled metals. Our Singapore team has a collective 95 plus years of international trading, logistics, risk management and finance experience. Together, we move physical recycled metals from where they are in abundance to where they are in need - efficiently and reliably. 

Our name comes from the core principal of being highly selective with whom and what we trade. Our disciplined and risk-averse approach is guided by three key values. 


We're selective because quality is everything. As the worlds natural resources continue to deplete and become more expensive to extract, recycled raw materials will be the key to a sustainable future. Manufactures need confidence to use recycled raw materials and that only comes from a reliable high-quality product. This has been one of the driving factors for Select Metals to invest substantially in owned and operated recycling and high-tech processing facilities. 


To us, great service means a seamless experience for our customers - a quality product, collected efficiently, transported reliably and delivered on time. We develop tailored services, pricing structures, payments terms and financing arrangements to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. We select key suppliers in each market and build exclusive relationships based on a deep understanding of our customers needs. We make it simple.


We view our customers as members of our community and take the time to know them personally and understand their needs. We believe long-term mutually beneficial relationships are the only way to do business. We play a meaningful role in the communities in which we operate by ensuring waste is recycled into something new. Once recycled, our products are valuable raw materials used to manufacture items vital to modern day life. 

Our products in everyday life