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What we do

We purchase, recycle, process and market a wide range of products, including copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, lead, zinc, mixed metals and steel.

We bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers and add value at every step. 


As a supplier of Select Metals you enjoy reliable access to markets across Asia and Europe. We have cultivated relationships with the worlds largest consumers of recycled metals, meaning we are always in the market with competitive pricing. We remove all the barriers to international trade gaining you access to the fastest growing region.

Our consumers choose us for our commitment to quality. As a consumer of Select Metals you gain access to large volumes of quality raw materials, supplied reliably, transported efficiently, with payment on arrival. Pricing terms in the future and at your option reduce your commodity price risk. 

Whether you are a supplier or a consumer - we make it simple. 


We are experts in supply chain management. We offer global door-to-door solutions for our customers. We fully insure every shipment from warehouse to warehouse worldwide with ICC (A) marine insurance so you can rest well knowing your product is in safe hands. We provide suppliers with free high security seals to reduce the risk of theft and short weights.  

Risk Management

Our risk management capability sets us apart from our competitors. We offer intelligent risk management and margin enhancing price structures to both suppliers and consumers, reducing exposure to volatile commodity and currency markets. We trade fixed price, future priced linked to the LME or Comex in any currency. 


We tailor our payment terms to the needs of each supplier and consumer. For long term relationships, we provide structured financing agreements to support the growth of key exclusive suppliers. 

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